Shall the banks keep on working from home, or maybe the comeback to the ‘normality’ is closer than we think?

Pandemic times have forced a lot of the employees to work from home. And as it has been over a year now, numerous cases of disgruntled workers have been flooding the media. The latest reports focus on Goldman Sachs and its policies.

But as we are unable to judge the situation without insight into the specifics of the bank, the potential overworking, and the need of working from home itself (for some this is terrible). In this case, we could state one thing for sure – that the Big Tech is managing the remote working problems much better than banks. But there are some reasons for that.

In February, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, has publically rejected the concept of accepting remote working as the new, post-covid normal. Of course, his institution is not the only one to do so, and Solomon’s line of argumentation included the worry about the ‘Cultural Capital’ of the company, as well as its ‘Connective Tissue’.

The remote working conditions

Behavox has done some research, and the report they published has really revealed some frightening findings. They managed to question different enterprises in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. And there are some fascinating, yet concerning findings such as:

  • 13% of employees received racist jokes, 12% of them received sexist jokes, and 12% of them were recipients of some other inappropriate humor.
  • As much as 9% of employees witnessed angry outbursts while on the video call, with almost half of them terminating the call (in the United States).
  • Almost half of the employees have also witnessed some inappropriate behaviors while being on conference online meetings.

According to the Behavox CEO, Erkin Adylov, it shows how much work is to be done, and reveals the lack of competencies of some C-suites and HR teams. For more, find the Disruption Banking piece about it:


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