The tech investor who makes disruptions on Wall Street – Cathie Wood, everybody

Wood became an infamous personality, as she’s perceived as one of the most disruptive investors in New York. She seems really affable and is rather open when it comes to discussing her strategies on different social media platforms, a YouTube channel included.

She and her company Ark Invest have gathered quite a legion of fans and supporters. Some admire Wood, while some others are full of awes of Ark’s innovative approach to inventions. As Ark’s focusing on companies that have the potential to change the world, nobody should be really wondering why so many people are so enthusiastic about its endeavors.

But not everybody is so happy with their policy and investments. Many already established firms are actually resentful towards their success, as Ark is focusing on fast-growing and intensely cash-burning tech firms, that often are not in line with their orthodox thinking. Wood is also the kind of person that you either love or hate completely. But even the biggest skeptic should acknowledge her successes. In 2020, all five of Ark’s ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) have gained more than 100%. These huge returns should not go unnoticed.

Who exactly is Cathy Wood?

Not many people know this, but Wood has already had quite a strong career before she became this famous-infamous disruptor. She had an 18-year-long stint at Jennison Associates, where she was the co-founder of the hedge fund. Then she joined Alliance Bernstein in 2001 and has worked there until 2014 when she left to pursue her own idea of an ETF based on innovations that disrupt the market. That is how Ark Investment came to life and this is how Wood became so successful.

To find out, how Ark’s Client Portfolio Manager, Ren Leggi, defines the company’s characteristics, and to read the impressive case study of the company’s ideas and plans for the future by Disruption Banking’s Harry Clynch, use the following link to access the article:



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