Top 7 biggest disruptors of 2021 in investment banking

There is hardly a chance to correctly spot the disruptor before the disruption has already been made. And there are no universal criteria as to how to distinguish the potential disruptor from others. This could be anything, really, and the below ranking shows that perfectly.

A person, a company, a trend, a cryptocurrency rate, or even the online social media community. Literally, everything. Should we want to stick to the academic discourse, the disruptors are the factors that prevented something (i.e. the system, any event, or a process) from happening in an intended way. And as the first half of the year has been really fruitful in these, we’re presenting you our top 7 disruptors of 2021 (so far).

But let’s clear some fog out first. There wasn’t a bigger disruptor in (at least) the last 10 years than the Covid-19 pandemic. As the lockdowns froze most of the world’s economies, and as we’ve only recently entered the second year of this craziness, there was (unfortunately) no better candidate for the number one spot on our list. This is also proof that had we been able to predict some of these disruptions, we’d be in a completely different environment and economic outlook right now.

The ranking of the biggest disruptors of the year (so far)

  1. Covid-19 and the vaccinations;
  2. ESGs (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals);
  3. WallStreetBets;
  4. The Bitcoin rollercoaster;
  5. Bexit and the consequences for the London City;
  6. The Lex Greensill case;
  7. Bill Hwang and Archegos.

Any surprises? Or maybe you do not agree with the choices? Remember that this kind of rankings is based only on subjective opinions. For a comprehensive, and really interesting background of making the top 7, as well as stories behind each of the ‘winners’, you should visit the original piece by Andy Samu that was published on the Disruption Banking page. To access it, simply use the following link:


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