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Latest from the Blog

Why Financial Times was wrong, and why Citi’s bitcoin report was not really ‘embarrassingly bad’

This was a bit of a shock when we’ve witnessed how the Financial Times has openly bashed a major financial institution in their piece. They chose Citi, and the reason for it was their recently published bitcoin report. According to the FT, it was ‘embarrassingly bad’, but was it really? Let’s have a look at…

Where the banking and technology collide – Fintech-Aviv’s Annual Summit

The Covid-19 pandemic brought us some interesting stories about how the Israeli tech scene is developing at an impressive pace. And Fintech-Aviv has not been resting too, as we can currently see the ripe fruits of their work. They are the organizers behind the Annual Summit, and they have successfully managed to throw 80 events…

What’s happening to central banking now that the fintech is getting hotter?

Facebook could be perceived as the ‘father’ of current fintech disruptors, characterized by a rather edgy outlook. This is an approach that Mark Zuckerberg and his company had in the first years. This was a rather disruptive philosophy, and although Facebook has since moved on from it, there are other digital giants carrying their torch.…

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