UiPath just IPOd – but was it really yet another tech firm debut?

This is nothing new, but it’s shocking how technology has progressed in the last decades. While in 1977 people were mesmerized by the futuristic concept of the Star Wars robots, we’re actually closer than we think to have our own ‘C3POs’ at homes. Not that long ago, Saudi Arabia has made Sophia the robot its legal citizen.

UiPath’s representatives actually believe that in a few years’ time we’ll all have private robots. The UiPath company has been started in Romania in 2007, which was even before the country joined the European Union. In the capital of Dracula’s country, Bucharest, a few developers met and started to outsource their software and automation libraries to some massive firms. Fast forward 14 years and UiPath has finally debuted on the Stock Exchange in New York.

The company’s ambitions in 2021

Daniel Dines, who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of it, believes that their institution could potentially accelerate the development of human achievements.

In 2017, the company expressed a hope that everyone will have their own robot. This is a follow-up to Bill Gates’ 1970s idea of providing a ‘computer for every desk’. And since Microsoft was successful, why shouldn’t we believe in UiPath?

Interestingly, one of their clients is Google, which has recently intensified its focus on Cloud services, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Together the firms are merging AI with RPA (robotic process automation) and cloud. All this in order to ensure the faster transition of enterprises into digital businesses.

But we must remember that UiPath is not the only company working with Google, and also trying to improve the automation processes. To find out about Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and their relationship with UiPath, as well as read the comprehensive analysis of their future plans and ambitions, visit the brilliant Disruption Banking piece by Andy Samu: https://disruptionbanking.com/2021/04/23/another-tech-firm-ipo-but-is-uipath-just-another-tech-firm/.


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